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At Buffalo Wild Wings, we have a passion for sports and believe every kid deserves the chance to play. We are determined to close the access gap and allow as many children as possible the chance to become a champion. The funds we raise go directly back into local communities, providing capital improvements to sports facilities, uniforms, equipment, transportation, staff, coach training and certification and more. The Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation is a division of the Inspire Brands Foundation, which is a registered 501(c)(3).

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Studies show that team sports have a tremendous impact on youth and their social, emotional and physical development into adolescence and adulthood. Playing on a sports team teaches kids the skills to succeed on the field and compete in life. However, organized sports teams are expensive to launch and manage. Expenses like uniforms, equipment and transportation often mean that many children in underserved communities lack the opportunity to participate in sports leagues and benefit from skills learned through team sports.

Through our fundraising efforts and partnerships, we are investing in facility improvement, uniforms, equipment, transportation and training, lowering and/or eliminating many of the major barriers that prevent youth from playing on a team.

You can help raise funds by encouraging your employer to partner with Buffalo Wild Wings or sponsor one of our national events. You can also watch for special fundraising initiatives at your local Sports Bar during the Spring and Fall each year.

Please note, at this time we do not accept unsolicited grant requests. All grantees are nominated by members of the Inspire Brands community.